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How is this product made?

It is fresh raw greens dehydrated then pulsed in a blender to a fine powder.  All our products are made in a commercial kitchen.  


How do I add this to my recipe when cooking?  

We recommend that you add it in while heating the sauce. For example, if you are cooking spaghetti, put the green mix one teaspoon at a time into the sauce while heating on the stove and stir well.  


Will this product be visible in the food? 

Yes and No.  No if mixed in darker sauces like a rue, spaghetti, enchilada sauce and beans.  The sauce might get slightly darker but it is usually not noticeable.  Yes, It is green so anything light colored like white gravy will be green if you add it to it.  


Does it change the taste of your food?

This is a tough one to answer.  Everyone has different taste buds so what we say is only based on the people who have tried the product and what they have told us.  It does not change the flavor of products like spaghetti, chili, beans or enchilada sauce.  These types of sauces have a flavor that will mask any flavor the greens might have. Our recommendation is to try adding a little "green stuff" at a time and taste it as you go! 


What other types of ways can this be used?

Some people have told us that they sprinkle it on sandwiches added to drink mixes or shakes.  Try it in a few different things and let us know what you found that works well and we will post here. 

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